When life gets in the way

Well I started a blog – I was all enthusiastic.  The experts say to have a successful blog you need to post regularly and consistently and I started with all good intentions and then BAM life throws a spanner in the works. What happened was my Mum had an episode of confusion that ended up with her in hospital to sort out what the heck was going on. My Mum lives in country South Australia and I live in Brisbane. For overseas readers this is a 2 hour and 10 minute flight away. Or two 10 hour days driving!.

The local GP would not let Mum return home without someone at home to care for her. It was late June and both my sisters, who live in Adelaide, couldn’t take time away from their jobs to care for Mum as the end of the financial year is their busiest time of year. I own my own business and Christmas is generally my busiest time of year. So I could take time away to look after Mum. I did a quick end of FY stocktake at the shop and booked my flights.

I loved spending time with Mum and I know she loved having me there. I went for three weeks. As it turns out Mum has the beginnings of dementia and we are in the process of getting her into care. The thing that threw the spanner into the works as far as my “Mocha Home” blog is concerned, was not that Mum was needing me there, it was that she only had dial up…..aghhhhh.

In our busy over loaded lives we have become so reliant on the internet and social media and being connected that when we suddenly aren’t it is like having a limb cut off. Mum has a laptop – not bad for an 85 year old. However her internet connection was not good. The other thing is that Mum hardly ever uses her connection so every time we logged in, all her computer wanted to do was update everything, which used up all the data and time allocated . In the end I gave up and had a really relaxing three weeks . We cleaned out cupboards, we cooked, we watched House Rules, we went out for drives and out for lunch. We visited friends, cousins and other relatives and I caught up on a lot of sleep. In the end I was hankering for a slower pace of life. I always find it difficult to return to my normal life after going back home. I felt unsettled for weeks and I have only just now even looked at my blog. I will treasure that time spent with Mum and you know what – my blog will always be there, but Mum won’t.

One of my very first posts was about Artificial Flowers. I said in that post that my Mum found spiders in her dusty old dried flower basket. Well I had given her that basket about 20 years ago and I found it tucked in a corner on the porch. I said “Mum I thought you had thrown this away” and she replied “I couldn’t bring myself to as it was a gift from you”. I was touched so I thought I will see if I can resurrect it.  I got enthused and took it all apart and cleaned every flower and leaf with a dampish cloth- it took me ages. Some of the flowers I couldn’t clean (the white lilies) so they were tossed out.  Then I went to the local gift shop and florist shop and spent $60 on new artificial stems to complete the new basket. The original basket cost me about $110 from memory. Here are the before and after pics. I think I did a great job considering I am not a florist.

It now sits proudly on Mums hall table again. Time and effort well worth it – I will give it another revamp in another 20 or so years!


Basket of flowers on hall table

The finished basket


Another angle of basket on hall table

Another angle

Now for the Before Pictures -dusty and dirty old flowers

The basket of flowers before

The basket before


Dusty Lilies



Really thick dust

Really thick dust


My inspiration for the basket were these real flowers in the entry way of the local Nursing Home Village


my inspiration

My inspiration – these are real


Tell me what you think? I’d love to hear from you.




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