Welcome to Mocha Home

Hello to you and welcome to Mocha Home.  This is my first official post…yay!

I’m Tracy and I am passionate about beautiful homes, decorating and design. Trouble is- I have never had a very big budget to work with. So here at Mocha Home you will find achievable ideas and inspiration to make your home your haven. A home should love you, and you it. The minute you walk through the door from your busy day you should start to relax and say “ahhhh I’m home”.  Your home, and how you live in it, says so much about you and your personality. If your home is a mess chances are your life is a mess.  That is a fairly broad statement but one I have found to be true in my own life.

A bit about me –

I own a Gift and Homewares store in Jindalee, Queensland.  “Mocha Gifts & Homewares” opened its doors in May 2013 and has been going strong for almost two years now.

Tracy standing at counter Mocha Gifts

Mocha Gifts

I have had a love of decorating and beautiful things for ever and love nothing more than bringing together a comfortable space that just makes you feel good.  I have owned three houses so far and each has had a revamp by me.  Actually if I digress a little I was a Registered Nurse for 30 years before I finally had the courage to follow my passion of decorating and homewares.

So why did I start a blog –

I enjoy getting ideas and inspiration from pictures that I find on Pinterest, Google images and magazines. I am also a You tube video addict (on home organisation, decoration and DIY). I subscribe to every home magazine there is and with all of this I’ve come to realise that not everyone has the knack for putting things together.  Some people have an eye for colour and some don’t.  The thing is..I don’t want to impose my style on you.  I have a style of decorating and it is uniquely mine. I want to help you discover your own style and believe me you all have one. You just have to trust yourself and make some wise choices.

Verandah picture from pinterest

One of my favourite Pinterest Pictures


So that is what I am aiming to do …help the everyday woman or man, who can’t afford a fancy decorator, make wise choices to achieve a happy, comfortable home with style. Trends come and go. I have succumbed to a few with decorating our homes over the years and I think I have now reached a stage where classic and ageless and above all comfortable is what I am about.  So here we go..I hope you like it.

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