Study Make-Over

The first room I am going to tackle in the “Spring Clean my life” clean up is the study. Over the years it has morphed into a paper graveyard.

I have read books like “Paper Flow” which I loved, but found it difficult to implement all the steps. I have also read “The Messies Manual” 1 and 2 and “Sorted” to name a few.


Organising books

I love reading organising books


I have picked up little tips from each book.. but find in real life to follow the steps to the letter, well it just doesn’t fly. Our mess became uncontrollable when I opened my store and was gone 7 days a week. Don’t get me wrong my house is clean (the first thing I did when I was working 7 days a week was to invest in a cleaner -Ves you are amazing) but it gets very messy very quickly if MUM is not there to continually tidy away shoes, coffee cups, school bags dumped at the front door, lunch boxes -you all know what I’m talking about.

Back to the study -as there are 3 other people besides me living in the house it is one persons mail x 4. There are school notices, school excursion forms, newsletters, bank statements, bills, receipts. emails -You get the idea. There are school text books from year 8-12 that seem to be out of favour now so can’t even be sold second hand and that I keep- wanting to give to an overseas country that needs them!!  I also have a pile of gifts that we’ve been given over the years that we haven’t used and I’ve kept wanting to re-gift them (is that awful?) but as I didn’t keep a list of who gave them to us I’m too scared I’ll re-gift to the original giver – how embarrassing  would that be!  The other options are to give them away or sell them on EBay/Gumtree but time has been a limiting factor here.


Messy study

Piles of paper and bits and pieces are overflowing


Then there is my collection of magazines. I’ve been told by lots of people to get rid of them – but I can’t. I love re-reading them. Others have told me to cut out my favourite rooms and paste into a scrap book – sacrebleu ! (say it with your hands on your head -that is a French profanity for anyone who wants to show surprise, anger or dismay!) Therefore just keeping the best of the magazines – but I can’t do that either. I find my taste changes or rooms I once loved now don’t inspire me. As I go back and re-read them I find new things that I didn’t see before or didn’t notice before. I have made a decision tho regarding the beloved mag’s… read on…

The one tip from all the organising books that I have read that seems to have stuck with me lately is to containerise. By that I mean have a container to house a certain amount of items and if you get that full and it is bulging then cull back to fit that container space again. So I have done that with the kids school items. You know the drawings and projects that they get good marks for – the special pieces – that want to be kept. Once the size container they are housed in gets too full then we go through and cull out to make it fit again. I have done it with my magazines also.  I decided that 5 years of mag’s is all I should keep. It is still hard to throw away the ones older than 5 years but fashions change and by 5 years style trends have moved on and I need to stay current.(Well that’s how I convince myself – it does sound convincing right!)

The other gem from these books is for everything to have a home – a place to live- then the whole family can get involved in putting things away and tidying because they will also know where the items live. Sounds easy right!  Well I am going to try to put these two ideas into practice.

Stay tuned as we get to the after photos. When everything has a home and containers rule!

How do you organise your study and the endless flow of paper – I’d love to hear your thoughts



  1. says

    Dear Trace have meant to organise my home just like u so will attempt to follow your blog and gain some inspiration!! So will post a pic of my study too… Wait for the after!

    • says

      So glad I’ve inspired you Rohini. I saw the before pic and will check back in with you for the after pic. Looking forward to it. Sometimes it is just making a start. Good Luck

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