Spring Cleaning My Life

After two years of working flat out to get my business up and running – I stopped and turned around and saw that my house/garage/garden/diet/relationships were all suffering.
While we as women think we can have it all – we can- but maybe not all at once.
I am really good at juggling all the balls that are my life, but sometimes when there are more than five, some of them fall by the wayside and need to get picked up later.

This is what has happened to parts of my life.

It was New Years Eve  2014  and  2015 was nearly upon us and I was writing my new years resolutions (which in past years I have hardly ever stuck to,probably because I didn’t write them down -but that’s a whole other story)

I noticed there was a bit of a theme happening.
    Lightbulb picture

My whole life needed a Spring Clean not just one or two cupboards but everything (relax kids and hubby you can stay).

Maybe it was going to be easier to stick to a resolution if I had a yearly theme that I could remember.
Yes -‘SPRING CLEAN’- that was it!
So it has begun. I’m not on a diet I’m spring cleaning my food choices.
My study is a mess – not for long it is getting a spring clean.
My paperwork is all over the place – just as well I have decided to spring clean it. Doesn’t the word Spring Clean sound good. It is even inspiring me as I write this.
All I need to do is attack a small part of the spring clean list every week and in 52 weeks I should be on top of it all again.  You know what,  it is OK to let the balls drop. When you are focusing single mindedly on a project the housework can wait.
My motto is that no-one has ever died from dirty sheets or unfolded clothes. Give yourself a break -don’t be too hard on yourself.  However when it starts getting on top of your mood and becoming a nagging problem that is when you maybe need to re prioritize some time for that pile of paper that you can never find anything in or giving some exercise time to yourself so you can fit back into the lovely things in your wardrobe.
Tips for getting a New Years Resolution that you can stick to (I know it is April but I had this aha moment in January!)
Nice writing journal
  • Get a lovely journal or notebook and write the year on/in the front (I am a book and pen kind of girl) I am a sucker for beautiful stationery
  • Have a theme for the year -or- two themes 6 months each
  • Start writing in your book – keep it on your bedside table and review your list or ideas every Sunday night. This helps keep the theme in the forefront of your thinking and lets you check that you are on track.
  • Get started with some action even if it is a really tiny accomplishment -anything
  • Plan a reward for when you achieve a part of the plan.
If you slip off the slope, don’t stress, we all do, just get up again as soon as you can and keep plugging away. It’s better than not doing anything right?

So my theme is Spring Clean. Yours could be ‘De-Stress’ or ‘Get Fit’ or ‘Eat Healthy’ or ‘One Room at a Time’or “Get my business off the ground”. Anything that relates to you and your issue that needs sorting.

So how am I tracking 4 months in?

Well I am taking two days away from the store a week. One day to catch up on paperwork, work on this blog, and achieve my Spring Clean goals. The study is what I have been tackling first and will keep you posted here, on the Mocha Home Blog, with that.
The second day is just for me. It is when I get my hair cut (always makes me feel good) get a massage, go to the dentist, chiro, have lunch with a friend etc (working on those relationships) and I have joined Jenny Craig. I always lose weight when I stick to Jenny so that is part of this plan for me.
I feel better already and as I have allowed myself 52 weeks to achieve these goals I will give you another update at the 6 month mark.
Til then I hope I have inspired someone else to make a start.
Tracy x

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