Lets have a Sneaky Peek

I don’t know about you but sometimes I drive past a house and think Ohhh I wonder who lives there? My imagination goes into overdrive thinking about what might be behind the hedge or behind the gate. I think this is why I love realestate.com so much because it gives you an inside look into how other people live. Pinterest is another great way to get ideas from others who pin their favourite homes or rooms on their dream boards and you know what?….it is ok to dream of what you want.  Everything you have and everything you own started as a wish before it became reality.

Sneaky peek will be a way we can have a little peek inside interesting homes and the interesting people who live there. Everyone has a story and with Sneaky Peek we will go past the front gate of some very intriguing homes.  If you know of a place that should feature on sneaky peek then by all means get in touch.

Our first Sneaky Peek

This Sneaky Peek is a home I drive past everyday. I always admired it from the road and I discovered that the Lady who lives there with her family is actually the Fashion Designer who’s range of clothing “Anannasa” is sold in the Mocha Gifts store. You could see from the road that someone really creative lived there. Sher has kindly allowed me to come in and take a look around.

Sher greeted me at the front door.

Sher in the open doorway to her home

Sher’s imposing front doors


Sher is always so nice and makes you feel at home. I had only rung her that morning, and I caught her out at a birthday morning tea for a friend. We arranged to meet at 12 noon at her home in Brisbane. When I got there she insisted that I join her for lunch. While she prepared the food I asked her lots of questions about her Fashion Label and her very eclectic decorating style.

Me:  How would you describe your decorating style?

Sher:  More is more

At that we both giggled and as you will see by the following photos Sher’s home is the opposite of minimalistic. She went on to say that if maximalist was a word then I should use that to describe her style. She uses colour abundantly and stripes and florals mix and match perfectly.

Shers living room

The Living Room


Me:  What is your favourite room in the house?

Sher:  The courtyard. I was flipping through a Vogue Interiors magazine and was inspired by the design duo Dolce & Gabbana’s holiday home in Italy. It had lots of concrete that was painted white and used as seating all covered in pillows I just loved it and when we built I had to have my version of that in this home.

Sher's courtyard

The Courtyard – where we ate lunch together

Knick Nacks

Decorator items in the courtyard


Sher in the courtyard

Sher in the courtyard


I asked Sher to describe herself in One Word and she chose “Curious”  and we chatted about how to be creative you have to have an element of curiosity.

Regarding Anannasa-

Me:  What do you love most about what you do?

Sher:  Fashion Designing satisfies my thirst for creativity. To see the finished product and to end up seeing it on a person that I don’t know walking down the Brisbane streets is a real thrill for me. Thrilling and really satisfying.

Me:  Have you had any challenges to overcome?

Sher: Oh yes a lot. Mostly my own insecurities. Some days all you can hear yourself saying is “I can’t do this” It’s too difficult” so I have to turn it around and say to myself “I can do this” “You can succeed” . I am my own worst enemy. I just need to learn and move on.

I have taken (with Sher’s permission) a photo from Anannasa’s Facebook Page featuring a piece from her 2015 Summer collection. It looks absolutely stunning and I can’t wait for it to grace the Brisbane stores.


Model wearing Anannasa dress

Sneaky teaser for the 2015 Summer collection


As we tour through the home we come to the bedroom and one of the sneaky peek questions is “Is your bed made?” Sher assured me that it always is because her husband always does it. I had to confess to her that I ran out of the house today without making mine. Some days I do and some I don’t. We photographed the bedroom as Sher was excited to show me a cushion and ceramic stool that she had bought from ‘Mocha Gifts’ and her Jewellery collection lovingly displayed in a cabinet and on hooks on the wall.

Shers Bedroom

As we finish the tour of the home I ask 5 quick questions to find out a bit more about Sher.

What does Sher…

Watch – Modern Family and Movies (my favourite is Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth)

Cook – Roast Pork with crackling

Look forward to – My trip to Morocco with my sisters next year.

Have as her Favourite app – Definitely Instagram.

Dream of – Travelling to exotic destinations

And to finish off our time together I ask Sher What is her definition of happiness?  and she answers with- “a healthy and happy family”.

Finally a few more pic’s of her lovely home

Dining Room

Dining Room that leads out to the courtyard


Day Bed

Great mix of fabrics on the wooden daybed


Thanks Sher for letting us have a ‘Sneaky Peek’ into your life.

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