House Reveal – Week 6 – Western Australia

If you have been following my blog on House Rules you will realise it is no secret that I think Brian and Karina from WA will be the first couple to be eliminated from the competition. It was their home in Geralton, six hours from Perth that was renovated last week. This is what their home looked like before the transformation.


Karina and Brians WA Home

The white Spanish Villa home with a terracotta coloured roof is my ideal home. I just love this style so when the teams decided to knock out the arches and reclaim the verandah for more internal house space I was yelling at the TV Noooooooo.  You wait, one day I will restore a home with this Spanish style.

Here are some of my Pinterest Pictures I have saved to a pinboard that I love

Spanish style home


Spanish Arch with heavy wood door


more spanish arches


White spanish style home

They are beautiful aren’t they. I particularly like the heavy wood doors and cast iron hardware. The reds and earthy ochre colours. Love it all. So you can see why I was so disappointed when the contestants ripped out the arches. Here is what the finished façade looks like now ….boring

WA home without arches

Getting back to the episode. Karina and Brian’s house rules were

1/ Style our house desert coastal

2/ Bring the outside in with texture and tone

3/ Give natures treasures pride of place

4/ Add brass and copper to our kitchen

5/ Make our kids bedrooms #totes epic

I love these house rules. If you haven’t watched the first episode (watch it here) it is a real taste of outback coastal Australia. Geralton  is about 5-6 hours north of Perth in Western Australia. It would be home to graziers and mining workers. It has a Port and would support a fishing industry also. It epitomises country Australia with dry dusty roads, salt bush and most likely dreaded flies. So desert coastal is perfect. Karina and Brian want their children to feel special, hence the totes epic bedroom rule, and when you see the pictures you will realise that the contestants really do deliver on that rule this week.

If you have read my other posts you will know that Ryan and Marlee are my favourites. This week what they did in the living room was amazing. I loved the Teracotta walls against the soft blue and copper accents. Well done Ryan and Marlee. The desert scene in the Laundry was great and added a dimension to that space I would never have thought of. I did agree with the judges though that the pine doors to the pantry were flimsy and not the right look.  The other zone that was brilliant was the Master Bedroom and Ensuite. Cassie and Matt from Tassie did a great job. It was really soft and understated but classy.  So here is the new living room

lounge room

Natures treasures sure have pride of place with that coffee table. The soft blue and brown chairs look great with the bold terracotta as a back drop. I love the one round terracotta coloured cushion to tie the wall colour to the space.

lounge room

The dining room this week was done by Queenslanders Ben and Danielle. It was a nice space too. I loved that they made a store bought buffet look like a built in piece of furniture by having it fit the space within an inch. Gives the built in look but would be cheaper and if you sell you can take it with you.


Dining room

Love the white rattan chairs wish they went all the way around though – get rid of the bench ?

built in look buffet

The QLD couple also did Lara’s bedroom – brilliant.

Lara's bedroom

The older childrens bedrooms

Bailey's Bedroom

Daniel's room

The Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Ensuite – the photos don’t do it justice – the shutter windows open up to make the Master Bedroom and Ensuite appear as one creating a large luxurious space for parents to retreat to.




louvre windows in ensuite

The red Banksia flower looks spectacular here.

The Main bathroom with the pebble feature wall I really liked too. Funny how Brian and Karina didn’t like the bathroom pebble wall or the terracotta painted lounge room and yet they were the two things I loved.


The stone basins were a great find. I love that they are both different.


Not sure how long a wood floor in the shower will last ?

Just a few more pics to finish off with




Mud room in hallway

Every country home needs a mud room space to take off dirty boots



Kitchen with copper splashback




Walk in Pantry



Wonderful styling


coffee table styling

Again Marlee did a great job styling the coffee table


Well this has been a really long post. I think I liked this home the best. Maybe because it is the last home and the contestants have learnt a thing or two about renovating and styling and interpreting the house rules. If Karina and Brian go home then they haven’t lost at all – just look at what they wake up to every day. This renovation will add thousands to the value of their home so they are winning already.

Til the next post


(Photos courtesy of Official House rules website Yahoo Plus 7 and Pinterest)

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