House Reveal – Week 5 – Tasmania

I went to Tassie with Mum and Dad on a family holiday years and years ago. I won’t tell you the year but it was the seventies and I was about 11 or 12. Monkey cuts and body shirts were in. My sister and I were horrified when, driving through heavy forest and really winding roads in our Kingswood, Dad stopped and picked up a hitch hiker. My sister had to move to the middle of the back seat and the stranger sat beside her. We talked about that for weeks. No-one would ever dare pick up a hitcher hiker nowadays. I still remember the majestic scenery and unspoilt beauty of it all.  I have not ventured back to Tasmania since then but it is definitely on my list of trips to do again- and don’t fear I will not be picking up a hitchhiker.  Matt and Cassie live in Hobart and this week it was their home that was renovated. Their home is a quaint little 60’s cottage untouched since it was built. Cassie stressed to the other contestants that they would like to retain some sixties character. She said “If we wanted a new home we would have built one”.  I so relate to this. I find I am always wanting to rescue older tired homes, by bringing them back to life, than building a new home. I have no desire at all to build. I have probably kept Masters and Bunnings in business with all the renovation items I have bought over the years but I am rambling on.  Getting back to House Rules….

This is Cassie and Matt’s home before

Cassie and Matt's Hobart House before renovation

The house rules this week are:

1/ Give us a modern take on a sixties vibe

2/ Make the bathroom a conversation starter

3/ Deck out our guest bedroom in a nautical theme

4/ Bring a surfie feel to the study

5/ Keep it sophisticated

These rules are fairly self explanatory. To my mind the most important rule would be “keep it sophisticated”. You would hope this would keep the renovation to a more modern 60’s take and keep all the kitsch / naff quirky sixties elements out of it, like flamingos in the laundry, and there is nothing sophisticated about a hot pink front door. See the full home reveal- episode 20 here.

Flamingo splashback in the laundry

Really ! A Flamingo Splashback -What were Ben and Danielle thinking


Entry way with pink front door

Hot Pink for the Front Door – I think this is the conversation starter not the bathroom


My favourite room is the living room this week. Well done Steve on choosing that sofa I even dig the colour (I’m so 60’s).

The living room

Love the Living Room View


Dining Room

The dining table was poorly styled and I am not a fan of the chairs -What do you think?



Cassie and Matt’s new kitchen


Master bedroom

Ben and Danielle redeemed themselves with the Master Bedroom – I even don’t mind the plywood wall


Nautical Guest Bedroom

Ryan and Marlee nailed the nautical theme here in the Guest Bedroom


Main Bathroom

Bathroom looks Ok here -but wait…


Main Bathroom

This cupboard was even ugly in the 60’s ! – really strange choices in the bathroom – styling by Karina and Brian (WA)



Surfie feel in the study – but the desks are way way too small and have poor placement in the room – this was Bronnik and Corinne’s (Vic) styling


You know where I will be tonight watching House Rules at 7pm on Seven. Karina and Brian’s home in Geralton WA is getting revealed – can’t wait.


Photos courtesy of Official House Rules Site -Yahoo 7 TV


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