House Reveal – Week 4 – Queensland

Another home has been revealed. This time it is Ben and Danielle’s home (aka Ken and Barbie) from Brisbane.  If you haven’t been watching each week teams from each state of Australia take just one week to renovate a whole house of one of their rival contestants.  It just blows me away to see what they can do in just a week. One of our homes took us 9 years to renovate?  I will admit that was too long and  just when we got it right we sold it! I bet a lot of people can relate to that.  Sometimes a deadline, like getting ready for auction, or holding an event like xmas or a birthday party can  make all the difference to getting a home finished. Here is a pic of what the house looked like before..

Ben and Danielles home before picture

The teams are given a set of ‘House Rules’ to follow. These were Ben and Danielle’s rules

1/ Style our house preppy eclectic

2/ Deliver us a mix of old and new one-off pieces

3/ Make our entry quiet but showy

4/ Retain a hint of Ski Chalet in the living room

5/ Give us a dressing room to die for.

The preppy eclectic look stumped a lot of the contestants and it stumped me too. I know what eclectic is but preppy had me putting my thinking cap on. Just look at my sneaky peek into Sher’s home to see eclectic. Preppy well I wanted to see how the contestants interpreted this look. I think Ryan and Marlee hit the nail on the head with this pic…they are still my favourites

Ryan and Marlee dressed up preppy

I love the country and ski chalet look – in fact most of my pinterest favourite pics are of this look. I will post an inspiration board soon.

One day I will have a country getaway- a girl can dream can’t she.

My other dream is to have a ‘Sex in the City’ dressing room. Episode 1 or 2 – I’d be happy with either

Carrie's walk in robe


Carries Walk in Robe from movie 2

Somewhere where all my clothes can be easily accessed and not crammed in together like sardines, or spread into other wardrobes throughout the house.

In this renovation two couples received scores of 10 for their finished zones and poor Steve and Tiana have scored the lowest for their zone ending up in the tent this week in Tassie.

Brian has been particularly hard to get along with this week knocking out the stairs and trapping Ryan and Marlee upstairs. Tiana came to the rescue by putting a ladder along side the house so Ryan and Marlee could get up and down via the window. This was not his only indiscretion. He leant a spray paint machine to Steve but had not cleaned it properly the night before subsequently making Steve waste time trying to fix it before giving up. Come on Brian how about you be a decent human being. Yes we all know you want to win – but at the risk of the whole country disliking you? If it comes down to the public voting at the end of the show – you won’t get my vote. Not that we will have to worry about it though – here is my prediction – the WA team will be the first to be eliminated!! I guess we will soon see.

Here are pictures of Ben and Danielles home after the reno. It scrubbed up pretty good.

Living room



Cassie and Matt got a 10 for their living room styling. It had just the right amount of Ski Chalet!


What is with the mismatched chairs again???

The very small kitchen was only saved by the fact there was a butlers pantry right next door which added the needed space.


Butlers Pantry

Art Studio

It was considered a mistake that a sink didn’t go into the art studio. You know what? I think the art studio is better without the sink – it then becomes a more versatile room later on – a baby nursery , or a guest bedroom perhaps.

Main Bathroom

The main bathroom.  I think I would like the mirror better black or at least the same dark wood tone as the cabinetry. What do you think?

Dining Room

dining room

One larger picture on the wall in the dining room would be a better choice in my opinion. These two prints, while quirky and pretty are just not big enough to fit the space.


wide view of dining room/hallway

I just love the dark wooden floorboards – very classy. The large Bally print is a perfect size. Don’t make the mistake of putting too small a piece of art on your walls.




The judges didn’t like the chair in the entry but I thought it was ok. It does crowd the entry though don’t you think?


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom. This was my least favourite room in the house apart from the small kitchen. It was safe and bland – sorry Tiana.


Walk in robe

Ryan and Marlee got a 10 from the Judges for their Walk in Robe, to die for, and their en-suite.  I didn’t think I would like the green tiles (not sure whether to call them avocado or dirty lime?)

But I love them. It just all goes together really well.


ensuite picture


Guest bedroom

and finally the guest bedroom. Can’t beat a fresh blue and white colour scheme.

Ben and Danielle should be really happy with their new home. What a fantastic start for a newly married couple.

Another house reveal tonight 7th June at 7.30pm on channel 7. Tune in to see Cassie and Matt’s little 60’s Hobart gem get a makeover.

Talk soon



Photos courtesy of Official House Rules Website- Yahoo 7 and Pinterest






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