House Reveal – Week 3 – New South Wales

I am getting straight on it today.  I saw the episode last night of Steve and Tiana’s Sydney home makeover while multi-tasking a multitude of other things. Every mother out there knows what I mean. There was English homework on the go, a satirical review of “The Truman Show” an oldie but a goodie of Jim Carey’s.  Grocery shopping being packed away, dinner being prepared, dishes to be done and all of this after a quick trip to the Emergency department of the Wesley Hospital with our son who dislocated his thumb playing AFL footy. As an ex-nurse there is no panic in our house about hospital visits. We are very blasé, and because I don’t panic, then the children also treat it as a perfunctory duty. Phew – I am, however, exhausted thinking about it all.

So what did I think about the NSW home reveal. To tell you the truth – Not Much!  There I have said it. Normally I love seeing an old home transform into a new revitalised space but Leather, Concrete, Red, White and Black is not to my taste at all, but then I don’t have to live there. The important thing was that Steve liked it.  I thought Ryan and Marlee’s interpretation into the kitchen was fantastic.  The bathroom by Bronik and Corrine with the black bath was tastefully done. The two kids bedrooms were exactly to the brief so well done for that but the master bedroom and separate toilet was so tacky and dare I say sleazy that I am glad Karina and Brian only got low scores for their efforts. They also didn’t finish the space but even finished it would be an awful space. I think they will be tent dwellers this week. When you see the pictures you will understand.

So the House Rules this week were:

1/ Style our house like an award winning display home

2/ Dazzle us with leather and concrete

3/ Add shiny bling to the master bedroom

4/ Give us black, white and red all over

5/ Go over the top in the boys bedrooms


At least the house rules were easy to understand this week – no ambiguity there.

Here is Steve’s house before the transformation.

Steve and Tianas Home Before Pic

Ryan and Marlee did a great job in the kitchen. The red tiles laid in the subway pattern were a simple effect. Anything more and it would be too much I think. Sometimes simple is best.

NSW Kitchen

The polished concrete is lovely but I find it is too industrial for me. I love it in restaurants, hotels or office spaces but not in a home. What do you think?

The bathroom was awesome. I loved the black bath and the pebble feature tiles set around the edges.

Black bath as a feature


NSW Bathroom

The boy’s bedrooms were really well thought out and styled.

Andrews Bedroom

Rory's Bedroom


Here is the Master bedroom and the walk in robe which really only stole space from the bedroom making it poky. A row of stylish cupboards built in on one wall would have given enough storage but added at least a metre or more back to the Master bedroom.  If the walk in robe had been stunningly beautiful and spacious I would change my tune but in this case it detracted instead of value added.

Master Bedroom


Walk in Robe

Here is an example of a beautiful WIR and it fits in with the Black,White and Red theme. I know the House Rules Contestants have a budget but the above WIR is very very basic.

Beautiful Walk in Robe


Looking forward to the Queenslander’s Ben and Danielle’s house transformation

Talk Soon


(Photos courtesy of House Rules Official Site -Yahoo 7 and Pinterest)


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