House Reveal – Week 2 -South Australia

Wow tomorrow night will be house reveal number 3 and I haven’t reviewed house 2 yet. I can’t believe how these weeks are flying by. Imagine how the contestants feel . I am overwhelmed and I have not completely overhauled 3 homes in the last three weeks!  Week 2 saw Ryan and Marlee’s home in the northern suburbs of South Australia get a makeover. I have to say that so far Ryan and Marlee are my favourites – But Ryan don’t make Marlee cry again or you will slip down in my estimation and I will have to make newlyweds from QLD Ben and Danielle, or Tassie couple Cassie and Matt , my new favourites.

Here is a picture of Ryan and Marlee’s home before

Ryan's SA Home

Ryan’s Bachelor Pad -soon to be revamped

So the home in SA had some pretty ambiguous house rules. If you didn’t get to see the episode there were 5 house rules and they were:

1/ Make our house upbeat sleek

2/Hit us with a bam! in every room

3/ Serve up happiness and sunshine in our kitchen

4/ Create a man cave with a big day out feel

5/ Give our bedrooms cheeky attitude

The rule that worried me the most was ‘serve up sunshine and happiness in the kitchen’.  I thought OMG  will they do a yellow kitchen??  Even Marlee said she didn’t want this rule misinterpreted and for the contestants to install a yellow kitchen -it was just that she wanted a bright and happy kitchen.  I looked on Pinterest and searched online for yellow kitchens and guess what, I could hardly find any!  A better way to interpret this rule would be to add yellow accents and maybe add a skylight for lots of light in the kitchen.  I have added photos on Inspiration Board No:2 that give you an idea of what I mean.

Here is how Cassie and Matt (TAS) served up the ‘sunshine in the kitchen’ house rule…

Yellow kitchen

I love the chevron splashback and the teal accents.

I would have preferred a paler yellow like a fresh lemon colour rather than the egg yolk colour, but that is my opinion.

Yellow kitchen from different angle


Poor Tiana and Steve really struggled with the ‘man cave’ brief.  I didn’t like their space at all.  It looked really hit and miss but luckily for them Ryan liked it so that saved them.  Tiana where is the BAM? and didn’t you do mis-matched coloured chairs last week?

Deck with bar and coloured chairs


Man Cave


Make our house ‘Upbeat Sleek’  What the heck does that mean???

‘Cheeky attitude in the bedrooms’ -OK I think I could do that.

A ‘Bam’ in every room just means a WOW statement for each room.

The rest of the rules are ok, but I, like Tiana, struggled with a few of them.

Here is Danielle’s (QLD) interpretation of Bam in the guest bedroom. To me there is a little too much going on and the accessories could have been pared back a little.  Sometimes less is more.  Let the art be the hero of the room.

The word Bam painted on wall


I don’t know about you but these lights are awful, terrible.. what were they thinking!

Bedside light choice awful!

Here is the ‘Cheeky attitude’ part of the guest bedroom. Great chair – love it.

cheeky chair in guest bedroom

What do you think of Karina and Brian’s (WA) Master Bedroom?  I think the Prince and Princess pillowcases are the cheeky attitude and the black, white and yellow is the upbeat sleek?  I loved the two bedside tables and the fact that they were different colours. Grey on Ryan’s side and Turquoise blue on Marlee’s side. I did notice the “50 Shades of Grey” book too on the bedside table – another piece of cheeky attitude!

master bedroom

The caricature was supposed to be the Bam piece.. Not sure this is a bedroom piece – it would look better in the man cave perhaps?


caricature of Ryan and Marlee

The lounge/living room had a HIT and a MISS as far as I was concerned. (Bronik and Corrine – Vic)

The HIT was the round chair. I could imagine Ryan and Marlee snuggled up on that together and loved the choice of cushions and throw.

Round living room chair

The MISS was this feature wall. A low line TV Cabinet with no TV on it? Recessed into the wall ???I don’t understand the logic there?

The TV recessed into the wall ? Not sure if I like that either. The lights are an awful choice too.

One more thing before I get off the complaining wagon I don’t like the turquoise architraves and skirtings?? I like them painted the same colour as the wall to disappear not grab your attention by being a bold colour like that. We will put it down to a rookie error.

Feature wall in lounge room

You kinda hope that Ryan and Marlee like Yellow as it is popping up in every room. I do love the teal/turquoise blue accessories mixed in to settle down the yellow though.

I’m pretty sure Ryan and Marlee will love their home for years to come. Probably making some tweaks to it over time but it is a great start for them both.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Photos courtesy of House Rules Official website Yahoo 7

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