House Reveal- Week 1- Victoria

Well Bronik and Corrines’ home was revealed on Sunday night in Victoria and it is almost time for the next home reveal. These weeks roll around really fast. Ryan and Marlee’s South Australian home is about to get revealed tonight but I want to update you on last weeks whole house reveal.

It was as expected. The plastic deck got the thumbs down from the judges and the homeowners leaving Cassie and Matt (Tas) to survive this week in the tent as the lowest scoring team. Maybe if they had finished the zone by styling it up a bit it would have looked prettier and their score may not have been so low.(I was unable to find a photo of the deck on the official House Rules website) It was unforgivable to not finish the zone – a lot more time management has to be learned by the Tassie duo. I did like their geometric painted wall in the guest bedroom.

Geometric painted wall in pastel colours

The Guest Bedroom

It showed great colour combining and the way it wrapped around to the side wall made the room look bigger.

We learned that Bronik is a carpenter hence his love of timber. The fireplace and timber surround in the family room(Karina & Brian-WA) was a big hit- such a simple and cost effective idea. This is what made them top of the leader-board this week.

Timber surround on fireplace

Timber Surround on Fireplace – very clever


I really think Karina and Brian(WA) should have had more points deducted for the lack of privacy in the ensuite. Cavity sliding doors would have done the trick without compromising on space.

The judges gave Tiana (NSW) a great wrap up for her styling of the dining room but somehow I think it was luck rather than good design (after all it was Steve’s idea to use multi coloured chairs to begin with)- sorry Tiana.

Multi coloured chairs around the dining table

Multi coloured chairs around the dining table


The Master bedroom with the tiled wall behind the bed was genius (Ryan & Marlee-SA) but the bed looked rather small maybe because of the lack of bedside tables. Also I think I was the only one who noticed the picture hung on a strange angle??? No one else commented on it. To me it was just weird.  Loved the hanging bedside lights too. I think they could have been a smidge lower though.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom


I didn’t dislike the main bathroom (Steve & Tiana -NSW) but it was lacking – storage and a wow factor. A little boring I thought. I think the little table in the corner was an afterthought !

Main Bathroom

Main Bathroom


The best zone for me was the kitchen and if only Ben and Danielle (QLD) had spent a smidgen of time painting their hallways and finishing the wallpaper in the entry they would have been the winners for the week. A lot of time wasted looking for that credit card hey Danielle!



All in all the 5 teams finished more than I thought they would. That mad dash to the finish line always stresses me out.

If I was Bronik and Corrine I would be stoked with this home as my first home. Not bad for a weeks work. Enjoy guys. Looking forward to tonight’s reveal of Ryan and Marlee’s home in South Australia.


(Photos courtesy of Yahoo 7 official house rules website)


  1. Helen says

    Haven’t been in the shop for awhile do got on FB to see what you had new. It was great to hear about your new venture , congratulations. It looks fantastic.

  2. Helen says

    Haven’t been in the shop for awhile so got on FB to see what you had new. It was great to hear about your new venture , congratulations. It looks fantastic.

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