First Week of House Rules

“Five Stitches and a Nudie Run”

Well the first week of House Rules is nearly over. Three episodes down and now we have a nervous wait for the whole house reveal on Sunday night. I can’t wait to see what this mishmash of house rules will turn out like. The first home to be completely renovated is Victorian couple Bronik and Corrine’s home. It is a quaint white weatherboard home with a tiled roof. They have gone away for the week and have left the other 5 couples with the keys to their home and a list of House Rules to follow. Last year saw a list of 5 house rules to follow. This year the house rules are separated into ‘his and hers’, 3 rules each. I thought the rules for this house threw a major curve ball to the contestants this year. Bronik and Corrine both have polar opposite ideas on decoration for their home. I think it is going to be very hard to please both of them. These are their house rules:

Bronik : 1. Deck out our place in black steel and timber. 2. Deliver hipster hotel in the master suite. 3. Make a statement with inner-city artwork.

Corrine: 1. Style our house in chalky pastels 2. Throw in quirky touches and delicate delights  3. Feature geometric elements throughout.

The trick for the renovators is to combine these two totally different styles without making the home look like a total mismatched mess.

So far there has been drama with a hospital visit, and 5 stitches to her head, for WA mum Karina when a roof tile fell down onto the top of her head.

Karina bleeding

Poor Karina. Bleeding after a roof tile fell on her head

A near naked Ryan doing a nudie run through the house to lighten the stressful mood with only a tool belt for censorship! Hilarious.

Ryan's censored nudie run

Steve covering his eyes

I wouldn’t look either Steve

A total disregard for the house rules with the fake timber (ahem -plastic!) deck and a major mishap in the kitchen for Queenslanders Ben and Danielle (aka Ken and Barbie) with incorrect placement of the island bench.

Kitchen picture

Too much space -Rookie Error

Interior design expert Carolyn Burns McCrave paid the pair a visit and said that for a kitchen to be a comfortable place to work 1200mm is the ideal space between the island and the cupboards and bench space behind. They had a much larger space. The usual kitchen mantra is the triangle. Where you have the cooking, prep and cleaning areas in a triangle pattern for ease and economy of movement between them. This is not the be all and end all of kitchen design though. There are many layouts to think about. L shape, Galley, Island, U shape, C Shape to name a few. Always do your homework and think about how you use your space and think also about things like the correct bench heights. I am 162cm tall and my husband is 191cm tall so we had to think about the right bench heights when planning our kitchen. The right height for me was way too low for him, so we then thought who uses the kitchen more? Me or my husband? The answer in our case was me so we made the bench the standard 900 high. The kitchen is a major expense in any renovation so it is important to get it right otherwise it can be an expensive mistake. An hour or two googleing about kitchens or thumbing through a kitchen design magazine or talking to a kitchen builder would be time well spent.

My favourite things so far are the timber surround to the fireplace (team WA) and the tiled feature behind the bed in the master bedroom(Team SA). I have included some photos (here) for inspiration of timber fireplace surrounds and tiles used creatively as bed heads or art.

One thing that has bugged me on this reno is the bathroom and ensuite.  The ensuite looks like it is going to be twice the size of the main bathroom. Most homes have a large main bathroom and a smaller ensuite. I guess the reason is that guests and children have to use the main bathroom and depending on the size of the family that could be a lot more than just the 2 people who use the master ensuite. The bath is going to be in the ensuite too. This is fine when it is just a couple but down the track when kids come along, bathing children in the ensuite wouldn’t be my ideal scenario. Bronik and Corrine say this is going to be their forever home so I am assuming children may be in the equation. I will be interested to see if Bronik and Corrine mention this in the whole house reveal.

I haven’t made up my mind who my favourite couple is yet (I’d like to see Bronik and Corrine in action renovating before I make up my mind) but Marlee and Ryan from South Australia look like a lot of fun. Danielle from Queensland will have to get more savvy with her budgeting and Cassie from Tassie is a lot like me. Really organised and likes organising those around her. Although I can sometimes come across as bossy my Husband is so supportive he just says “No it’s not bossy , you just know what you want!” It is going to be interesting to see these couples develop in their skills over the weeks of the show and see who cracks under the pressure.

House Rules countdown clock

The time factor is stressing me out-and I am not even on the show. That counting down clock on the front lawn would stress me greatly if I was a contestant. Last night there was less than 24 hours to go and  the state that house was in, whoa, I thought there is NO WAY they are going to finish this off.

Two sleeps to go til the big reveal. I can’t wait. Renovate a whole house in a week! – I would have said it can’t be done – We’ll soon see on Sunday night if it can?


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