Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are much maligned.

You probably have images of Nan’s hall/entry table with a dusty dried arrangement. I do.

In fact my Mum found spiders in her hall table basket of dried flowers – no joke.  They might have looked like this.

This looks like Mum's arrangement

This looks like Mum’s arrangement


Or maybe this looks like it !

Or maybe this looks like it !


Some people really hate them and only want fresh flowers.


Beautiful Roses - but these will cost between 80-100 dollars for real roses

Beautiful Roses – but these will cost between 80-100 dollars for real roses



While I love fresh flowers for their scent and short lived beauty I would much rather decorate my home with Faux (Artificial)Flowers. Let me explain why.

Firstly- I can’t afford to regularly replace fresh arrangements.  A real arrangement can cost upward of 80-100 dollars for a really nice one and it may only last a week.

Secondly- If I forget to change the water daily it gets quite smelly..eww.

Thirdly- The artificial flowers these days look so real and even have names like ‘real touch’. So when you touch them they feel like real petals.

Also for example, magnolias have brown underneath the leaves to look authentic.

Good quality artificial Magnolia's can look almost real

Good quality artificial Magnolia’s can look almost real


So my tips for buying faux flowers:

-If they are not that colour in nature don’t buy them. ie you rarely find turquoise blue roses, or orange hydrangeas  so don’t buy blue artificial roses or orange hydrangeas!.


il_340x270_601901888_ipwb pic monkey2


-The leaves can make them look really fake – so look for realistic looking leaves.

-Even put a few stems in real water in a glass vase – makes them look really authentic.

orchids 2


-If an arrangement you love costs 200-300 divide that by the number of weeks or years you may keep it and it hasn’t cost you much at all

-Clean them regularly- blow dust off with a hairdryer. If it won’t move, then with an almost dry damp cloth wipe each leaf separately. Monthly should do.

-Look for sales in your favourite stores and buy the stems when they are on sale. Don’t skimp buy the really good looking ones. The ones that look the best can be about 20- 30  dollars a stem.

bird-of-paradise-and-orchid-arrangementpic monkey 2


-Replace when they no longer look appealing

-Swapping locations of arrangements in your home can make them feel new again.


This artificial display from Florabelle is stunning - great ideas

This artificial display from Florabelle is stunning – great ideas


I hope this was helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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