Cassie’s Tip Challenge

This week Cassie asked the contestants renovating her home to find a discarded or tip item and re-purpose it.

The only item that really hit the mark was an enamel jug that Corrine styled in the kitchen as a vase with flowers in it. You can’t really see it here as the tissue paper from the flowers is covering it.



Cassie and Matt’s new kitchen


It looked a bit like this one – although this one is vintage French so slightly different from an Aussie enamel jug from the 60’s, but you get the idea.


enamel jug used as a vase

Corrine used an old enamel jug as a vase – clever


Danielle tried to repurpose a crystal “thingy” into a coat rack but it failed epically as the glue did not hold the crystal onto the plywood and she had to use little nails last minute to hold it all together. It just ended up looking like a badly homemade item.


homemade coat rack

Failed tip challenge


The item that could have worked a treat was a vintage chair. The execution of the stencilling was Tiana’s un-doing. While trying to rush to get it stencilled Tiana  let the stencil move and the spray paint went on the wrong bit so then she tried to correct it- only making it worse.

The chair looks good from this angle (love the art work too)

Tiana's tip chair

Great Chair


Tiana painting chair

Maybe if I colour the whole thing they won’t notice!


Even a pillow didn’t stop Cassie from finding the failed attempt at stencilling

Cassie and Matt inspecting the chair

Oops you’ve been sprung Tiana


I love the idea of recycling older pieces and I have made a few ebay purchases over the years that I have fixed up and used in my home.  I will do a post about that one day soon.

I think a slip cover could save the day with this failed chair because it looks in really good nick otherwise.

Let me know about your recycled successes or failures, I’d love to hear about them.

Talk soon



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