Hi there and welcome to Mocha Home. My name is Tracy Stegmeyer and this blog is all about creating a life you love.

We are all creating our lives.  My life was a restless one – mainly because I wasn’t following a career path that inspired me. I was always searching for the next thing to create excitement and creativity in my life. I was searching for business ideas, homes to renovate, new travel destinations you name it and I’d give it a go. I once asked a girlfriend to describe me in one word and she said “restless” – she knew me well.  When I left school I became a Registered Nurse and I followed that career path for about 30 years on and off. Long story short one day I woke up and said I need to do something else. So I opened a gift and home-wares store. Now I work harder than I ever have and love every minute. That is what happens when you follow your inner voice and listen to your authentic self.

Do what you love, love what you do

The blog has come about as an extension of the gift shop. Some days are really quiet in the store and I am not one to be idle and my “ideas brain” kicked into gear again and so the blog was born.

I have renovated and decorated 3 homes in my lifetime and love beautiful homes and nice comfortable spaces. I am addicted to You-Tube videos on organisation, DIY and decoration. I have a home magazine collection to rival Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection and my shoe collection might rival hers as well! I can’t get enough of Reno shows like House Rules so it seemed logical to me to start a blog.

I believe that good design and decoration is for everyone not just a privileged few. With Mocha Home I want to inspire everyday people like you and me to create a home they love. It doesn’t have to grace the pages of a magazine. I find that with my home when all is in order I feel more content and happy and that is always a great place to be.

I have to let you know that I am technologically challenged but I have kids who are very patient with me and help me a lot. I also have a tech guy who is awesome (yes that’s you Josh from “JMRiT”) and I have a social media expert (Paula from “Flux”) who I can call on when all the tech stuff gets too much for me.

I love reading and am a member of the best book club in Brisbane. I love my book club buddies and we sometimes have so much fun that we forget to review the books. Wine labels always seem to get read though!  I have a beautiful family and friend network that support me in all that I do and I hope they feel supported by me as I love them all to bits. Enough about me.

I hope you enjoy the blog. I will have fun writing and bringing you interesting and engaging topics direct to your laptop/computer or iPad devices.

It is early days for me and this blogging game and I am sure things will evolve and change over time just as our homes do. Above all I want Mocha Home to be real and relatable. There is no snobbery here.  I would love to hear from you so head on over to the contact page if you need to get in touch.

Go on….go and explore Mocha Home