24 Hour Fix Up -Vic and SA – Better or Worse?

As predicted Karina and Brian from WA have been eliminated from the competition. The final scores tallied after the 24 hour fix up challenge left them at the bottom of the leader-board.

This week the contestants had one full day, just 24 hours, to take a zone in their homes and with a budget of $5000 transform it to be a better zone. Interestingly neither Ben and Danielle (QLD) or Cassie and Matt (Tas) had any of their work zones fixed up!  Does that mean, that it may come down to a battle between these two teams in the final?

I have put the before and after transformation photos here. What do you think ?  Better or Worse? It is interesting to see how different an area can look with different paint or a different placement of furniture.


Yes Bronik, that’s correct you have only 24 hours for this fix up….

Bronik and Corrine

Bronik and Corrine


Bronik and Corrine (Vic) chose to fix up the Dining Room and Main Bathroom zone originally done by Steve and Tiana _ I can’t really see much of an improvement in the dining area but the bathroom is slightly improved


dining room before

Dining Room Before


new dining table and white chairs

Dining Room After -New table and white chairs


dining room art before

Art in dining room Before


Dining Room art after

Dining Room Art After


Bathroom before fix up

Bathroom -Before


bathroom after fix up

Bathroom – After

It would have been better if I could have had both pictures from the same angle to compare perfectly but I was unable to find two the same. The wood panelling on the ceiling adds warmth to what was a very stark and clinical bathroom.



In South Australia Ryan and Marlee decided to re-do, in their 24 hour fix up, the zone done by Bronik and Corrine from Vic – The living room ,hallway, laundry and entry. (I only have photos of the living room and hallway)


Ryan shifting furniture while Marlee watches

Come on Ryan – just move it an inch further that way!

The living room before:


living room before

Living Room – Before


The addition of a rug and the changing of furniture placement made a huge difference. Paring back the cushions was a great idea too.


living room after

Living Room – After


Living Room Before

Living Room -Before


living room after fix up

Living Room -after


Different angles again so not able to be compared exactly but a huge improvement – I think


Marlee painting

Great stuff Marlee -get rid of those terrible teal skirting boards


Hallway after fix up

Hallway after with all the teal skirtings gone

A big improvement in Ryan and Marlee’s fix up zone. For more photos go to   https://au.tv.yahoo.com/house-rules/photos/#page1

Instalment two – Queensland and New South Wales 24 hour fix up’s coming soon to Mocha Home

Talk soon


(photos courtesy of official house rules website Yahoo Plus 7 TV/House Rules)


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